Looking back, I’ve been relatively vulgar and violent for the past 3 weeks and it’s still escalating

I’ve said more F*** and stuffs that are more than enough to overwhelm the total number of time I’ve said them in the past few years. Not only that, but I don’t want to recap >_>

What’s worst, is that I can’t find the source to this change. =\

Probably is because of the change in stress level.. Or perhaps, it is just my hormones going nuts? -_-

I’M GOING CRAZY~!!!!!!!! x_x


New Year Visiting

大年初二, 我到姑姑家拜年~!

It’s 90% the same as every other year.

The usual greetings, foods, games, questions.

The Greetings:

To the elder: Happy New Year, Long time no see
To the younger: 新年快乐~ *smile*
To the same level: HEY YO~! HAPPY NEW YEAR~! WHERE’S MY ANG BAO~!!

but the same level ones don’t give any red packets, they haven’t get married.

The questions that were been ask always leads to comparisons between siblings, relatives and other families.

It’s always something like:

I heard you graduated from secondary, that’s good, how’s your O level result?

Goodness~! I’ve answered this frigging question for 4 long years.  you are telling me that you have heard about me graduating from secondary for four times and have not once find it strange?

Tell me, exactly who on earth is this fellow who is sooo yesterday years away that you heard from~!

每年问一样的人一样的问题,不会觉得很见鬼? 你问了不觉得奇怪,但我想了会怕!!  好像时间忘了走了…

Followed by, ‘Whoever else, got this this this result leh’

You Think I Care?

Posted to where? JC or Poly? Oh, Poly ah, which one? What course? Information Technology? What is it about?

GOSH~! Likewise, I answered this damned line of questions for another 4 years too.

If you are don’t have the intention to remember then, DON’T WASTE MY SALIVA!

If you do, then take out a pen and a piece of paper, I’ll wait for you to jot it down. You can even ask me to do a recording on it. I’ll give you a proper speech and go through the necessary troubles  as long  as  you people can stop making me repeat what I said every year.

Then, ‘why don’t take bla-bla-bla course instead? better prospect you know..’

Is it, go study yourself lor~! bright future is not limited to teenagers only you know. =.=

You graduated already? Haven’t ah, then when graduating? Can graduate or not?

WHAT THE @#$@$!$!

First and foremost, why are you people asking this for?
Want to attend my graduation ceremony ah? No, then DON’T ASK~!!
Even if you want to attend, You think I’m going to let you come? Dream~!
And, how dare you even friggin doubt the probability of me graduating~!

Oh, you graduated, going to U or are you working now? work ah, what line?

Why?~! you want to hire me? no, then are you going to recommend me to a job? no, THEN SHUT UP~!!

What are you working as? Where? Private school? Never heard of it, specialized in what? Since When? Got what course? Intend to work there how long?

Never heard of it then just stop there!
specialized in what!? what courses available!?
You want study meh~!!!

Vomit blood sia, how to like visiting?


The 10% different this year. There was a family who came, whom I’ve never see before. An eye candy was among them. His name was Jia Jie, boring name 😀

candy 就是 candy, sweeten the day ❤ Usually, when enter the house, is to shake everyone’s hand and greet them happy new year, so why… why did i stupidly missed out candy’s hand.. Guuuu T_T Candy fixed his eyes on the screen like FOREVER.. >_>
How i hoped i was the TV then and there. *sigh*

Then food was ready, each year we’ve buffet style dinner, this year is also the same. So we went to ‘queue’ for the food, i was behind candy +_+
Candy, without looking behind, swing his hand back and 动到我~! (= ‘ x ‘ =) and says, ‘妈,帮我拿去丢‘ (=.=||)
老娘看起来有这样老? Lucky he wasn’t looking at my face when he says this, else i will throw him down from 12th storey. But Meh, the shy smile he gave after that was so….. kawaii~! +_+

Memorable while it last~ 😀

After food, it’s time to take care of the kids so that the adult gets to eat.
Mann, Kids. Sigh.
I wasn’t that noisy and playful when i was their age. Wonder if it’s caused by what they are eating. Perhaps is the chemicals in their milk. So Hyper. Buayyyy Tahan.

busy day

A mix of Inappropriate arrangements; a few tens of uncompleted, inconsistent name lists and a pain in the ass is more than just little bothersome. It’s a recipe for some serious TROUBLES. Full caps.

Table flooded with files. Phone rang non-stop.
Pissy day

Someone needs to understand the fact that compassionate leave is being implemented for a reason.

Already not efficient on normal days, why even bother to come on ‘special’ days?




I don’t understand~!!

what’s the point of asking me whether your compassionate leave will be approved when first, I’m not from the HR, second, the answer is confirmed a ‘yes’

Why are you complaining you’ve got no time when you choose to neglect your work, and spent hours having your verbal diarrhea complaining about your fellow colleagues for not helping you, complaining about your department head giving you too much work, blaming the directors the environments, the boss, talking about your dog, your friend, your iphone……….

what’s the point of asking ‘why must you do everything’ when it’s crystal clear that it’s you who’ve not been dealing with your work properly. I’m not trying to be bossy and arrogant but, it’s not a valid reason, not even enough to use as an excuse to act like you didn’t do your job just because your relative passed away yesterday. Those stuffs were supposed to be DONE at least a month ago~!

I foresee lots of arguments and politics happening next week and I can’t wait for it to come. ^_^

2010 -> 2011



The start of a new decade 🙂

2010 has been really a not-too-bad year.

I’ve learned way too many things in 2010 compared to any other years in my life.
Gotten a little mature and a tiny weeny bit more responsible.

First and foremost, things that I learned about myself
I’ve changed at least 20% spiritually, 40% emotionally and 50% mentally.

Started only a couple of months ago, but realized that the frequency is increasing slowly.
Changes in way of thinking like:

From [Forget it, there is always next time] To [It’s now or never~!]

From [Leave it there, someone else will handle it] To [Lao Niang will be dead for god knows how many centuries before someone is going to do it.]

From [Oh man, I don’t think i can do it] To [Bah~! Give me 100 good reasons why should I start worrying before I start doing anything~? I’ll start worrying after I fail~!]

Not that these changes in the mindset is bad, it do makes me feel that I’m starting to take on responsibility with the things I’m doing, but i do feel that if the frequency increases too much I’ll get burned out pretty easily.

People are telling me that if only I was this responsible and sensible when I started poly, I might be able to get into an university

BUT MEH~! I can’t help but want them to keep quiet. Don’t get me wrong, I do want to further my studies, but it always feels like something is wrong during my school years. I need time to go out there and gained a little experiences about life and people before I can proceed on with life. Thus, I’ve no regret ^_<

I'm no longer that same dude 12months ago, at least, not exactly the same. 😡

I took the whole of the 20 years in my life to realize that, if there is one thing that I like about myself, it's my devil-may-care attitude. With this discovery, I think I'll be able to live a life a little happier than how it was.

I got to experienced all sorts of new things in people relationship at work.

The freshness of working with people of different age groups.
The satisfaction of completing a task with various people in a tight deadline.
The anger of been sabotage by some bloody fellows

Met with various type of people this year.
There are some who are just so totally sweet and lovable, some who are kind and helpful, some who are reliable and charismatic, some who are dominating and irritating, who are childish and dumb, some who are disgustingly 'sweet', some and some who should just die horribly.

Begone to those who, even a little, screwed up my life at any point of the time. I hope you guys will just friggin go and never ever come back.

Goodbyes to those who, for whatever reason, exited my life. All the best in whatever you guys do.

Best wishes to those who have created wonderful memories in my life. I look forward to spending another good year with you people.

With that, Happy 2011~! ❤

Too much of random manga and animes is killing my brain and blurring my perceptions.

I’m going to become disillusion very very soon -.-

The characters inside the manga/animes, guys or girls alike, are all sooooooo awfully good looking.

Having events that are always so conveniently happening at the right place at the right time and got classified as ‘fate’ . Bah~! No wonder people can’t help but thinks that ‘fate’ is cruel in real life after interacting with these 2D world. *BANZAI for the 2D world~!*

The JLPT test, not like i will be shocked if I ended up failing, but I think i did pretty well for someone who only remembers the test date only like 2 days before the actual date and ended up still not studying for it.

Guess it must be the atmosphere at the examination hall that triggers my brain. During the paper, I was able to stay focus on the paper, i was able to even remember all the katakana characters that appears on the paper, and even managed to understand what it means. After the exam, I felt so giddy as if my blood have not been circulating to my brain portion for months. Though my hunger might also be a reason why i feel uncomfortable after the paper.

In conclusion: Last minute prayers DO work~!

Fire Training Seminar

Attended a fire training talk today, Hell Hilarious~!

Speaker: *rants on and on about poisonous smoke and importance of mask
Speaker: ‘So how many of you have got mask at home?’

1 person raised up her hand

Speaker : ‘What kind of mask do you have..?’
person A: ‘Err.. That kinda.. SARS mask..?’
Speaker : ‘you mean surgical mask?’
person A: ‘Yea’
Speaker : ‘Good, you know, there was once when i gave a talk to a group of about 50 audiences. This one lady among the whole group raised her hand when I ask her what kind of mask she has, She replied, “SK II Mask”. ‘

*Uproar!!* xD

Well, like what one my colleague said, don’t expect too much of a good replies from aunty~

Next, talked about the differences in the number of incidents 5 years ago and now.

Speaker : ‘Lots of fire caused by electrical appliances, you guys know why?’


Speaker : ‘Compare the price of the electrical appliances back then and now’

*silence again*

Speaker : ‘Back then the appliances were made from Europe, Germany, Japan…etc. Now most of the cheap ones are from…?’

WW : ‘C_ _ N A’

Seems like our adorable WW forgotten that there are students from that country sitting in for the talk. xD